IBF Statement on Professional Boxers Competing in Olympics


June 20, 2016 – Springfield, NJ- Last week the IBF’s Executive Officers and Board of Directors conferred to discuss the organizations stance on AIBA’s and the IOC’s decision to allow professional boxers to compete in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Preliminary discussions were held during the IBF’s annual convention this past May in Beijing, China where IBF Medical Committee member and ringside physician, Dr. Paul Wallace presented the organization with a letter sent to AIBA’s President, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, by Dr. Raymond Monsell, Chairman of the Association of Ringside Physicians and Dr. Larry Lovelace, President of the Association of Ringside Physicians.  In the letter the doctors address the dangers faced by an amateur boxer competing against a professional boxer.  In particular they reference skill level, the difference in scoring amateur bouts vs. professional bouts and the use of head gear.

Upon reviewing the medical opinions put forth in this letter, and conferring with other individuals and organizations involved in the sport, the IBF believes that there is an inherent risk with professionals competing against amateurs. While the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championships Contests do not specifically address professional boxers competing against amateur boxers, the organization will apply its rules 5 and 14 in addressing any situation where an IBF Champion or fighter rated by the IBF chooses to compete as a boxer in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.   The rules are as follows:

Rule 5 of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contest cites:

“A Champion and Challenger must at all times set high ideals and act in a sportsmanlike manner. Any action by a Champion, Challenger promoter, manager or cornerman which reflects poorly on the IBF/USBA or the sport of boxing will subject the contestant to the imposition of discipline and penalties. The provisions of Rule 14 will be applied to any such situation.”

 Rule 14 of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contest cites:

“Should any Champion or Challenger be found in violation of any of the rules of the IBF/USBA, he may be removed from the rankings for a period of not less than one (1) year. Should any Champion, Challenger, promoter, cornerman or manager be found to have acted in an unsportsmanlike or unprofessional manner as provided in Rule 5 (IBF and USBA championship, elimination and unification bouts) by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, the Champion or the Challenger may be subject to fine, forfeiture of monies, vacation of title, lowering or removal from the ratings or any other discipline directed by the Board of Directors. Any boxer, promoter, cornerman or manager subjected to discipline under this rule has a right to appeal the finding of a violation or the imposition of discipline, or both, under Rule 12, Appeal Procedure.”

Essentially, an IBF Champion or fighter included in the IBF ratings that chooses to participate in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will be found in violation of rule 5.  Their participation in these games will be considered unsportsmanlike behavior due to the potential risks involved with amateur boxers competing against professional boxers.  An IBF Champion found in violation of rule 5 will have the title vacated and will be removed from the ratings for one year, and an IBF rated fighter will be removed from the ratings for one year.

“Making this decision was not difficult for us. We felt it was important for the IBF to get involved and take a stance against professional boxers competing against amateurs due to safety concerns as part of our commitment to this sport is to promote the health and well-being of the boxers,” noted IBF President Daryl Peoples.

IBF Convention Beijing 2016


The IBF 33rd Annual Convention will take place from May 23 - May 27, 2016 at the Hotel Nuo in Beijing, China.  We are looking forward to this great event and hope that you can join us.

Below are details regarding all the pertinent information related to the convention. Additionally, a convention website has been created which contains all the pertinent information,  You can also visit this site via the Convention Tab on this website by clicking Registration.

Covention Registration: Please register by April 15

Use this link to register for the convention.  The registration fee is $100 for IBF members and $150 for non-members. We highly encourage you to register via the special registration site created for this convention.  It will facilitate the onsite registration process and our preparation process. Please wait until February 17 as the Chinese New Year is being celebrated and we have a few things remaining to work out with this site. If you can’t register online or by the deadline date please contact Jeanette Salazar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hotel Reservations:

Hotel Nuo

No. 2A Jiangtai Road Chaoyang District Beijing 100016 P.R China
T:86-10-59268888 F:86-10-59268889
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Use the above link to go to the Hotel Nuo room reservations page.  Once there input your check in/out date, how many rooms and persons and click on more options.  In the Promo Code box input: GMIBFPRO.  This will generate the IBF discount. Continue with reservation process from that point.

Airline Reservations:

Star Alliance the above link for airline reservations and discounted rate.  Registered Event participants to the Event qualify for a discount of up to 20%, depending on fare and class of travel booked.  The participating airlines for this Event are: ANA, Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EVA Airways, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, SWISS, Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United.

Discounts are offered on most published business and economy class fares, excluding website/internet fares, senior and youth fares, group fares and Star Alliance Round the World fares. The following Star Alliance airlines are offering special discounts for travel to/from Japan: Special Offers for Japan are available from: Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand. To obtain these discounts for travel to/from Japan please contact the respective Star Alliance member airlines’ booking office. Contact details can be found on under “Conventions Plus Booking Contacts”. Please quote the following Event code CA05S16 for ticket reservation.

Journal Ads & SARB Raffles: Please submit purchase and submit ads by April 18!/33rd-Annual-Convention/c/15598088/offset=0&sort=priceAsc

Use this link to purchase Ads for the convention journal and buy SARB raffles. The prizes are Registration Fee for 1 person for Convention 2017, One hotel night at the site for Convention 2017, Money Hat ($100 Value), Collections of Assorted IBF/USBA Logo Merchandise. Please keep in mind the Journal Ads and SARB raffles when registering for the convention.

Post-Convention Tours:

Use this link to book tours after the convention with China International Travel Services.  There are several options from 1 – 5 day tours.

Airport Transfers in Beijing:

Visit the convention registration page to make these arrangements.  Click on the tab for Pick up/See off service. Review the schedule of service. Click on the email link and provide your name, date, flight number and airline, and the time you would like the service.

IBF Flyweight Champ Amnat Ruenroeng Honored

Congratulations to IBF Flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng on receiving the Thailand Professional Athlete of the Year award from the Sports Authority of Thailand on December 28,2015. A well deserved distinction!

IBF Statement on Heavyweight Title


Springfield, NJ, December 9, 2015 – The IBF Heavyweight World Title, which was won by Tyson Fury on November 28, 2015 when he beat the reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko in an optional defense of this title, was vacated on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 by the IBF as Tyson Fury is unable to make the mandatory defense of the IBF title against challenger Vyacheslav Glaskov because he is contractually obligated to a rematch with Klitschko, which is in direct violation of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests. 

     On November 30, 2015, the IBF reminded Tyson Fury via an email in care of Hennessy Sports that the bout on November 28 was considered a mandatory defense of both the WBA and WBO Heavyweight titles and that his next bout was to be the IBF mandatory defense against Vyacheslav Glazkov, the #1 contender and the leading available contender for the IBF mandatory defense.  This bout was due next in the rotation of mandatory defenses of the titles.  Furthermore, Fury was informed that negotiations with Glazkov should commence immediately and be concluded by December 30, 2015. He was advised that if an agreement was not reached between the two parties by December 30, 2015, the IBF would call for a purse bid.  Glazkov’s promoter Main Events was copied on this letter.

     On December 1, 2015, the IBF received a letter via email from Patrick C. English on behalf of Main Events indicating that Main Events was unwilling to negotiate and requested that the IBF order an immediate purse bid in accordance with Rule 10.A. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests.  Rule 10.A. cites in part: “If the camps are unable to come to an agreement as to the promotion of a title bout in the initial thirty (30) day negotiation period, or if one of the camps certifies in writing during the negotiation period that he is not willing to participate in negotiations, the President of the IBF/USBA shall notify each registered promoter that a purse offer will be held.”  Accordingly, the IBF ordered a purse bid to be held on December 11, 2015.

     Following the title fight between Klitschko and Fury, the IBF became aware for the first time that there was a contractual agreement between both fighters for an immediate rematch. There were no provisions for any rematch in the contracts which were submitted to the IBF prior to the IBF agreeing to sanction the Klitschko vs. Fury bout.  Rule 3.B. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests states:  “No contract for a Championship contest shall contain any clause or any provision, whatsoever, guaranteeing or in any way assuring or promising either contestant a return Championship contest where such clause or provision interferes with the mandatory defense of a title.”  Had the IBF been aware of a clause in the contract that violated this rule, the parties would have been mandated to agree in writing to stage this rematch after the completion of the IBF mandatory defense.  If the parties did not agree, the title fight with Tyson Furywould not have been sanctioned by the IBF.

     In a letter sent to the IBF by Harbottle & Lewis, the legal counsel retained by Hennessy Sports and Tyson Fury, the IBF was asked to consider and exercise their discretion under the IBF’s regulations and direct that an immediate rematch for the IBF Championship take place between Fury and Klitschko.  This rematch is in direct violation of an IBF rule and the IBF will not order a rematch under these circumstances.

     Wladimir Klitschko has exercised his right to the contractual option agreed upon between himself and Tyson Fury for an immediate rematch, thus rendering Tyson Fury unable to make the mandatory defense of the IBF title next. The direct rematch between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury interferes with the mandatory defense of the IBF Heavyweight title and is in violation of  Rule 3.B. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests.  Consequently, the title has been vacated in accordance to Rule 3.C.2. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests which states: “Upon violation of this Rule, the Championship involved shall forthwith be declared vacant.”

     On December 8, 2015 the IBF ordered #1, Vyacheslav Glazkov and #4, Charles Martin to begin negotiations for the vacant Heavyweight title.  The IBF received a written certification from Warriors Boxing who represents Martin, stating that he was not willing to participate in negotiations and therefore requested an immediate purse bid according to IBF Rule 10A.  The purse bid had been scheduled Friday, December 18, 2015 at 12 Noon.


Holiday Toy Drive 2015



Members and Friends

Once again the IBF/USBA would like to help the Family Development Center of East Orange, NJ with our annual Holiday Toy Drive. 

This charitable organization has been serving its community since 1970.  The center’s primary purpose is to provide low-income families with excellent and reliable childcare at no cost or for a nominal fee.  There are approximately eighty children, ranging in age from 6 months to twelve years, enrolled in childcare at the Family Development Center.

As a non-profit group of this nature, FDC is always in great need of new toys, arts and crafts as well as writing supplies, books, dvd’s and baby items.

Any donation, large or small, would be a great help.  Please help us make this holiday season a great one for the children of the FamilyDevelopment Center!

You can choose to donate an item or make a monetary contribution by check.  Please send in donations to the IBF/USBA office to the attention of Jeanette Salazar/Holiday Toy Drive.  If you are sending a check please make it payable to Family Development Center, Inc.

You can also make a monetary donation on our website via this link:!/Holiday-Toy-Drive-2014/p/30009140/category=7059035.

Donations will be accepted until the morning of December 21, 2015.


IBF/USBA 899 Mountain Ave., Suite 2C, Springfield, NJ 07081 973-564-8046

IBF China ready to break out

By Boxing Bob Newman

It’s been said many times, “Boxing is a business.” It can be further expressed as a global business, and as far as the global economy is concerned, China figures largely in all facets. So too is it becoming more apparent in the sport and business of boxing. In the last ten years, China’s has presence has grown in amateur boxing all the way to the Olympic level, a home grown world champion has been produced (Xiao Zhong Xiong- WBC minimumweight), two world conventions have been held (WBA and WBA- both in the city Chengdu in 2007 and 2008 respectively), with a third to be held by the WBC from November 2-7th in Kunming this year. The IBF is joining the fray in full force with the creation of IBF China. Over the last six months, IBF president Daryl Peoples has journeyed to China four times to oversee meetings, training seminars and provide direction and oversight in the development in all aspects of the formation of IBF China.

In May of this year, a ring officials seminar was held to provide training and certification for Chinese ring officials- both judges and referees. World class referee Mark Nelson oversaw the referee seminar, utilizing his Power Point presentation used in his ABC seminars. Nelson also spent the entire day working with some 60 Chinese officials on ring mechanics and various situations in the ring.

World class judge Joseph Pasquale conducted the judging seminar over two days. Pasquale covered the IBF scoring standards which had been translated in advance for the student officials to study. Pasquale also used the video format developed by judge Tommy Kaczmarek, which practiced scoring over 12 rounds of boxing. The rounds had penalties, swings in the action, and multiple knockdowns.

The next two sessions the students were given a written test and then a scoring test of three video rounds of boxing.


The most recent seminar again in Beijing in August, was administered to a class of 45 officials. Veteran referee Roberto Ramirez conducted the referee seminar. Again the mix was amateur officials and former boxers. There were also some with pro experience on recent IBF China fight cards. Both the May and August seminars were followed by live fight cards in which several of the seminar attendees officiated, as Pasquale opined, “they were again all very professional and did very well-with several capable of officiating at any level of a pro contest.”

Speaking of fight cards, IBF China began conducting tournaments in March of this year and they have had 31 shows (approximately 186 bouts going into September) already throughout the country. The tournaments will end by December and the plan is to award 300 million dollars in prize money throughout the duration of the tournaments. The tournaments are is six divisions for males (122, 126, 135, 147, 160, 175) and two for females (105, 135). They go from qualifiers, to regionals, to nationals (which would be the IBF China title) to the IBF Asia title. The goal is to grow boxing in China so that eventually more Chinese boxers are included in the world rankings and have the opportunity to become world champions. IBF China also founded Chinese Professional Boxing Alliances, with more than 30 clubs in throughout the country to bolster their network, and to cultivate the training of ring officials as well as boxers.

Intermittently, IBF president Daryl Peoples was accompanied by ratings chairman Anibal Miramontes and or championship committee chairman Lindsey Tucker. Serving as president of IBF China is Mr. Ruihang Wang. On his designation as president and long range plans, Wang said, “I am extremely proud to accept this designation effective July 2015 as an opportunity to expand the world of boxing in China and promoting the collaboration between two great nations in China and the United States.” Wang continued, “This is a very exciting time for our sport and we see immense growth opportunities on a multi-cultural and cross-border basis in this field of boxing. In collaboration with our promoters, boxers and officials, we expect to quickly penetrate the market, enhance the worldwide fan base and discover cross-marketing opportunities. I look forward to promoting IBF matches and commercial activities in Greater China.”

For his part, President Peoples took some time after his recent return from Beijing to sum up the series of meetings and seminars in China and the overall development that is occurring with IBF China:

“We just returned from Crab Island Resort in Beijing, China where we were hosted by Jianq Qiang-IBF Asia Representative, Ruihang Wang-IBF China President.

Both seminars were well attended and received. The second seminar had more advanced material than the first seminar on May 7 and 8. They were well publicized in the Chinese boxing community and definitely generated interest among fans, officials, and gym owners.

There were a few very qualified referees and I was impressed by the consistency of the scoring by the judges. We plan to continue the training process. There were a few officials that I would consider for title fights in the very near future.

I think as we expand into more provinces we will see an increase in the number of officials attending our seminars. IBF Asia is planning an IBF Asia convention that will take place sometime next year. The emphasis of the convention will be on training ring officials, commission members and helping trainers transition to a more professional style of boxing.”

While it is still only speculation at this point, it can be said the China is stumping heavily to host the IBF’s 2016 annual convention in Beijing.

(Special thanks to Jeanette Salazar, Mark Nelson and Joseph Pasquale for their invaluable help, as well as IBF president Daryl Peoples)