In 1993, out of concern for the financial well-being of retired fighters, the IBF created the Special Assistance to Retired Boxers Fund (SARB) to aide former fighters in need during difficult financial times. Assistance is provided to help pay for basic necessities such as rent, groceries and utilities. Donations from the SARB fund have also been provided for medical assistance to boxers injured in the ring who will never box again and to the families of boxers who have been permanently injured, or killed as a result of a boxing event.

In 1995 this fund was expanded to include scholarships and became the SARB/Educational Fund. The SARB/Educational fund provides scholarships to the children and grandchildren of IBF members. The IBF awards several scholarships on a yearly basis. The organization prides itself on being an integral part of the education, growth and development of our society's future - the young people. Scholarships and donations are awarded in accordance with how much money is in the account, how many requests are received and the nature of the request. Scholarship awards have been granted in amounts no less than $2,500 per student.

SARB/Educational fund money is also used for donations to community organizations including gyms, AAU's (Amateur Athletic Union) regionally and to the National AAU, churches, youth programs, homes for temporarily displaced children, and anti-drug programs throughout the world. Annual donations are also made from this fund to sponsor the IBF Annual Toy Drive held during the holiday season.

The monies derived from the interest earned on the various IBF bank accounts and T-bills mainly support the SARB/Educational fund. Some of the officials that judge, referee and supervise IBF fights donate a portion of their fees to the fund and the organization also raises money for this fund by selling its logo merchandise and raffling various prizes at its yearly conventions.